Different brands, different aesthetics, the same objective, to grow and be displayed on social networks.

Work environments


A company that provides training on how to apply eyelash extensions. Its main objective was to have an aesthetic and professional feed, in addition to making announcements on facebook ads to get promotion and students.

Kingsman Clothes

Kingsman Clothes, a small clothing brand whose main focus is to create brand recognition on social networks, creating a differential feed and playing with the different collections they bring out. The example shows the promotion of a collection based on the Squid Game. We also run ads on Facebook Ads to obtain sales.

Sanitas & Asisa

In this example, I show you publications and advertisements from two companies in the health sector, Sanitas and Asisa Seguros. They are publications with much more text, in which the conditions of the insurance offered must be very clear so that selling them is much easier. They have also been used in Facebook Ads to increase the sales of the distribution companies of the two companies.

Virgin Telco

At Virgin Telco, the publications are much more fun and playful with photos, where they have to show in a clear and reduced way the telephony packs on offer. Used to publish in the feed as well as for Facebook Ads.