A sustainable brand of bags that adapt to each client offering them a unique experience.

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Antozoa has to do with the sea and the reuse of its elements. We develop your identity around this central concept, while staying true to the Antozoa brand values ​​of being close, original and passionate.

The packaging has been created following the environmentally-friendly values of the brand. It highlights where the product comes from and tells in detail the process of creating it. This is how we create a unique shopping experience in which the customer is doing environmental work.


The visual language of the product conveys a direct link with the sea and fishing nets.Its materials and craftsmen are what make it a product of great value.

Our bags are 100% customizable, the customer chooses the color and materials of each part of it. In addition, the bags are removable, since once you have a complete bag you can buy new pieces separately and combine them.


For the e-commerce platform, our goal was to create a fast shopping experience, where choosing colors and materials was a breeze. Quality over quantity

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